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D-solve (some pronounce it as 'dissolve') is a and centralized resource dedicated to helping people to really "solve" their diabetes by achieving normal blood sugars using a low carb and low insulin diabetes management.

D-solve started with a news years resolution (12/31/2006) to do more to share this solution I had found with others (read my success story here). This site is not setup with the intent to make money--in fact most of the little money generated through book sales or google ads goes towards partially covering the site's hosting. The intent is to centralize and share information on this form of diabets management.

This site is hardly the result of just my efforts though--first and foremost this site wouldn't exist without Dr. Richard Bernstein and his publishing of Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars. Right alongside Dr. Bernstein is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">Dr. Katharine Morrison who wrote the entire How To section and many other articles published here at D-solve. Lastly, D-solve is a highly collaborative effort by many other authors who have contributed articles, links, success stories, and news.

I wouldn't have been able to even consider starting this site without the interaction and information I have received from the many wonderful people at Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Forum. In addition, there are the many other researchers and medical professionals taking the road less traveled and pursuing research that has been, and in many cases continues to be, less popular and a much harder path to pursue given the huge political and corporate tide that surges against them (please see the Books , Links , News/Info , and Downloads sections for references to their great work which supports the diabetes solution and deserves to be highlighted and promoted).

To all of the above I am deeply indebted and have a profound sense of gratitude.

Finally, please contact those of us involved with any and all feedback, suggestions, or requests.


Ryan Whitaker

D-solve Founder & Operator


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