Think Like a Pancreas: A Practical Guide to Managing Diabetes with Insulin


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Dozens of books offer advice on managing diabetes, but few focus specifically on the day-to-day issues facing those who use insulin. Now Gary Scheiner, a certified diabetes educator and himself an insulin user himself since 1985, gives you the tools to "think like a pancreas"--that is, to successfully master the art and science of matching insulin to the body’s ever-changing needs. Free of medical mumbo jumbo, comprehensive, and packed with useful information not readily available in other books, Think Like a Pancreas discusses:

• day-to-day blood glucose control and monitoring
• designing an insulin program to best match your lifestyle
• measuring insulin to carbohydrate intake and physical activity
• the pluses and minuses of different insulin-delivery methods
• optimal management of diabetes using an insulin pump
• hypoglycemia—the best ways to avoid it and treat it
• the impact of emotions, stress, illness, and aging
• making the best use of your health care team and community resources
• plus dozens of other issues that everyone taking insulin needs to understand and master.


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