Large Diabetes/Low Carb FAQ Collection from Dr. Bernstein's Forum

The following is a collection of forum threads that have been carefully put together by the forum moderator.  The collection can be found here but the individual links have been brought over to aid those that are searching through D-solve.  Viewing these links will require registration, trust me it is worth it.
  1. What food Supplements can help me?

  2. Cholesterol,The Good,The Bad & The Ugly

  3. All About Meters

  4. After meal bgs---what is too high?

  5. what is gastroparesis

  6. What about my kidneys and low carb?

  7. How many carbs in an egg?

  8. Diabetes Complications: What may I have and why?

  9. Where can I find articles by Dr. Bernstein?

  10. Sugar Alcohol

  11. Sugar Free Lifr Savers with Isomalt

  12. What are the generic names for the D-meds I'm on?

  13. Why is Diabetes going undiagnosed??

  14. can stress affect my diabetes

  15. Estimate Avg BG from A1c result and vise versa

  16. How to convert mg/dL to mmol/L and vise versa

  17. help me understand about carbs in food.

  18. What is Ketosis/Ketoacidosis.

  19. C-Peptide-what is it.

  20. what about insulin resistance/Pre diabetes..

  21. All about Hypoglycemia

  22. What is the Dawn Phenomenon

  23. What about  cholesterol.

  24. What is an A1c?

  25. Measurements/conversions/carb counting.

  26. Coffee and Chocolate,just the good stuff.

  27. Alcohol,should we drink it...or not? 

  28. Fat,Friend or Foe?

    1. Saturated fats and artificial sweeteners
    2. How much fat is required for body maintenance? 
    3. What percentage of fat to eat? 
    4. Trans Fats and Healthy Fats/Oils 
    5. High Fat Diet Dangerous for Heart? 
    6. does fat raise blood sugar later? 
    7. how much cheese is too much? 
    8. Gall bladder and dietary fat 
    9. Need help with fats and oils 
    10. The French Paradox 
    11. Dr Atkins "The Fat Fast" 
    12. Laws of Thermodynamics ?? 
    13. Fat metabolism 
    14. Another downside of low fat diets 
    15. Another on Saturated Fat 
    16. Fat and Vitamin absorbtion from M Eades blog 
    17. Saturated Fat 
    18. LARD-she eats it and she's slim and healthy... 
    19. Trans Fats May Speed 'Spare Tyre' 
    20. Why we should eat eggs including the yolks 
    21. Scared of fat 
    22. Harvard Article, Fats in Context, easy reading 
    23. How much fat NEEDED daily? 
    24. ADA Reasons for Opposing Low Carb 
    25. Fat is the most valuable food known to Man 
    26. Question about fat? 
    27. Rebuilding the Food Pyramid
  29. So what about Protein?

    1. how many grams of protein should i have? 
    2. amounts of protein 
    3. measuring protein 
    4. how much protein 
    5. Diet Guidelines Essential to the Treatment of All Diabetics 
    6. you count protien? 
    7. how much protein and fat do you eat 
    8. does high protein cause low ph is that healthy?? 
    9. pg w/ min. PRO calculation 
    10. can you take too much protein? 
    11. protein primarily or veggies, too? 
    12. Protein intake vs. weight training 
    13. Protein poisoning 
    14. protein intake 
    15. suggestion on protein sources 
    16. From Diagnose Me about protein and kidney damage 
    17. Article - Protein & Kidney Damage 
    18. Protein First? 
    19. Digesting protein 
    20. If on dialysis, can this WOE reverse or improve... 
    21. Protein drinks or not

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