What is Normal Glucose?

The following study by diabetes-symposium.org, presented as an online presentation (with audio), presents a number of interesting results by using continuous blood glucose monitors on individuals without diabetes.   There  is also some high-level comparison of individuals with Type 2 diabetes.  Most facinating was the degree of uniformity in the sleeping blood glucose averages.  It almost makes you feel like if you fed a known quantity of carbs to an individual and used a continous glucose monitor it would be a possible way to test for pre-diabetes.  It also raised the question of doing this for different diet types--I know for those that low carb the post prandial blood sugar spike is almost if not entirely non-existent.  The following link shows the entire presentation as an index.  This is a great study and hopefully there is more to come. (First discovered via this forum thread which requires registration)

Another useful resource is this Glucose Tolerance Test Reference Information

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