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  1. Start with D-solve's own "How To" course written by Dr. Katharine Morrison
  2. Read the free chapters from the book The Diabetes Solution available from Dr. Bernstein's website:
    1. My Life with Diabetes: 60 Years and Counting
    2. Before & After: 14 Patients Share Their Experiences
    3. Chap. 1: Diabetes: The Basics
    4. Chap. 7: The Laws of Small Numbers
    5. Chap. 9: The Basic Food Groups, or Much of What You've Been Taught About Diet is Probably Wrong
    6. Chap. 10: Diet Guidelines: Basic Treatment for All Diabetics
    7. Chap. 12: Weight Loss--If You're Overweight
    8. Chap. 15: Oral Insulin-Sensitizing Agents, Insulin-Mimetic Agents, and Amylin Analog
    9. Chap 24. What You Can Expect from Virtually Normal Blood Sugars
    10. Appendix A: What About the Widely Advocated Dietary Restrictions on Fat, Protein, and Salt, and the Current High-Fiber Fad?
    11. Appendix D: Foot Care for Diabetics
  3. Listen to free audio excerpts of Dr. Bernstein explaining various parts of his Diabetes Solution from this site :
    1. Introduction by Dr. Bernstein
    2. Science of treating Diabetes
    3. The Chinese Restaurant Effect
    4. Insulin Timing
    5. How carbohydrates affect blood glucose
    6. Foods to stay away from
    7. Sick Days
    8. Nausea and Vomiting
    9. Hospital Care
    10. Exercise and Diabetes
    11. Debunking the Somogyi Effect
    12. http://www.diabetes-solution.net/audio/Track1.wma
    13. http://www.diabetes-solution.net/audio/Track2.wma
  4. Read the many free articles available at Dr. Richard K. Bernstein's Corner on low carb, low insulin diabetes management
  5. For those wanting to check out the scientific research and basis for this way of treating diabetes a large body of research has been centralized and analyzed in the following document: Dietary Carbohydrate, Protein and Fat for Those With Glucose Metabolism Disorders. What is Optimal?
  6. Browse the broad array of topics in our Diabetes/Low Carb FAQ Collection from Dr. Bernstein's Forum
  7. And now that you have been able to get TONS of free info I recommend buying the book to get the rest of the details--after having diabetes for 28 years I learned more in the weeks I read Dr. Bernstein's book then I ever had before--it was eye opening as I am sure some of the material above has been. The book is available here: Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars
  8. Visit the Bernstein forum (requires registration) that are centered on using a low carb approach to managing diabetes and obtaining normal blood sugars. Once there you can browse threads, introduce yourself, and ask questions--these are some of the most knowledgeable people on diabetes and the forum is a very tight knit bunch where everyone is welcome.
  9. For those that want more information regarding medical research, news and information that backs and relates to using low carbohydrate diets as a means for producing normal blood sugars browse this website--this website's mission is to centralize and link to the solution as well as that news and information--browse around and check out the news , links , downloads , and success stories sections of D-solve.
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