Fergus' Success Story

Fergus has provided a fantastic and extremely representative success story showing yet another person using lower carbs to lower their insulin as a means towards achieving normal blood sugars in their diabetes management.

Summary: Male Type 1 diabetic of 27 years 


Ron Raab: Why I Think Low Carb/Low Insulin Is the Best Approach to the Treatment of Diabetes

Ron Raab, Past Vice-President (2000-2006), International Diabetes Federation  www.idf.org, has graciously given D-solve permission to republish his great success story for others to read which includes the reasoning and basis for his beleif in the low carb diabetes management approach.


Steven's Success Story

Dr Katharine Morrison explains how her son's type 1 diabetes led her to question accepted dietary advice and adopt a low-carb, high-fat approach. 

Summary: 12 year old, Male, Type 1 diabetic

This article was originaly published in Pulse-i out of the UK, Issue: 16 November 2006, Section: Clinical.  A link to the full article (requires registration) can be found at the end of the article. 


My Life with Diabetes: Well Beyond Half a Century and Counting

The following is the story that changed mylife and entire perspective around diabetes--this is the story that made me realize there actually is a solution.  This disease is not a dead end of progressive nature where eyes have to be lost, limbs numbed or amputated, and life turned into something less then it should be.  Read this and if solving diabetes if of interest get his book .

This is republished from Dr. Berstein's website and can read there by clicking here.


Ryan's Success Story

The following is my own success story which includes a brief account of my diagnosis, life before I found there was a means to achieve truly normal blood sugars, and my life since finding a solution to my diabetes. It also describes how and why I decided to launch D-solve (www.dsolve.com)

Summary: 34 year old, Male, Type 1 diabetic of 30 years


Pete's Success Story

The following is a great success story by our newest registered user Pete.   The following is an small excerpt:

My first symptom of diabetes occurred during the summer of 1995 and I remember telling the doctor during my physical exam that year of my enduring thirst.  He asked me what I did about it and I said I drank a lot of water.   His response – that’s good.  That fall my doctor left the area and I went to see a new doctor in December to establish a new doctor/patient relationship.  He asked me to have blood work done before my appointment.  When I arrived at the appointed time, he looked at me, stuck out his hand and said “Welcome Mr. Diabetic to my practice!”  I looked around to see if he was talking with someone else but he said “No I am talking to you.  Your fasting blood sugar was 248”...

 Summary: 72 year old, Male, Type 2 diabetic, diagnosed 12 years ago


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