The Fat Loss Bible by Anthony Colpo

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Here's a mere taste of the cutting-edge, fat-blasting advice waiting for you inside The Fat Loss Bible:

  • How to create the most effective weight loss diet possible (It's all laid out for you in ridiculously easy steps)!
  • Learn how much protein, fat and carbohydrate you should eat!
  • Discover the foods that will make your body run like a finely tuned Italian sports car!
  • Finally, learn how to accurately calculate your ideal daily calorie intake (once you have this information, you'll realize just how dumb the one-size-fits-all recommendations of certain famous weight loss authors really are)!
  • How to fine tune and tweak your diet for uninterrupted results!
  • What to do if your weight loss comes to a grinding halt (Finally, one of the biggest causes of weight loss failure - the dreaded weight loss plateau - annihilated forever!)
  • How to eliminate diet-destroying hunger pains and cravings!
  • How to avoid the 'skinny fat' look that afflicts most people who lose weight (Why settle for looking like a smaller-but-still-flabby version of your former self? Get the lean, sexy, athletic look you see in the magazines!).
  • Exactly what type of exercise you should do to maximize fat loss and build muscle! (Here's a clue: It does NOT involve hours and hours of boring and seemingly endless jogging or aerobics!)
I want you to be perfectly clear about what The Fat Loss Bible won't do:
  • It won't promise you a ridiculously large weight loss in a ludicrously short amount of time (I won't insult your intelligence with any "Lose 25 pounds in 2 weeks!"-type nonsense)!
  • It won't claim that you can "eat all you want" and still lose weight!
  • It won't claim to make fat loss "easy" and "effortless"!
  • It won't try to persuade you to buy my expensive "special, proprietry blend" fat loss supplements (I don't sell any supplements)!
  • It won't claim that the key to losing weight is to eat some so-called 'miracle food' like coconut or soy...
  • It won't entice you to become a weight loss Kamikaze who risks his/her health by using potentially dangerous diet drugs!
  • It won't make you starve!
  • It won't tell you to go on a juice fast, become a vegan, use laxatives, wrap yourself in plastic and sit in a sauna, or any other such nonsense...


What The Fat Loss Bible will do is give you a research-backed, no-B.S. guide to losing all the fat you want - in a safe, healthy, sustainable manner!

Buy a copy of e-book The Fat Loss Bible here

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