Write Your Congressman to Request that NIH Study Low Carb Diet Treatment

10. How can people who support the Atkins Nutritional Approach help you and others who are on the frontlines get the message out to the masses about livin' la vida low-carb? Is there anything specific that my readers can do to effect real change within their sphere of influence?

Here is one action I think would be helpful: Write your Congressman and tell him or her that you want to see funding for low-carb (defined as less than 50 grams of low glycemic carbs/day) studies as part of the NIH budget. They will tell you they have no influence on that, but they do have influence. You should ask for them to provide a full public disclosure of their position on this issue.

NOTE: This action is attributed to Dr. Mary Vernon who made the following comment in her article with http://livingthevidalowcarb.blogspot.com.

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