The Paleolithic Diet and Its Modern Implications

A great article comparing paleolithic diets to what we are being pushed today.  It is no wonder having strayed so far from what our DNA "program" would have us eat that we are  being plagued by  epidemics in heart  disease, obesity, and diabetes.  This relatates to the diabetes solution in that the "solution" diet is very close to what some anthropologists would deem a "paleolithic" diet.  It is my personal beleif that the closer we can stick to this type of diet the better our bodies feel given that we are feeding them what they were optimally programmed to receive.  I have read a couple of studies showing that  the Aborigines and Inuit (both consuming predominantly fat/protein based diets) when placed on modern diets immediately started seeing diabetes and heart disease which had never really been seen amongst them up until that point.

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